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  • Title: Great Mindset Magazine: The #1 Magazine For Personal Growth &
    Creating A Successful Wonderful Life!
  • Edition: #4
  • Editor: Paul Brighton
  • Genre: Inspiration, Motivation, Mind Reflections, Meditation, Think Positive,
    Reinvent Yourself, Manifest Your Dreams, Success
  • Length: 134 pages
  • Publication Date: Feb-Mar 2016
Great Mindset Magazine

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Great Mindset Magazine #4 – How To Develop The Confidence To Go After Your Dreams


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In your quest for success, do you ever feel lost or paralyzed because you don’t know what to do next, or because you’re afraid you might make the wrong decision? Do you often envision yourself achieving great things, and then follow this up with a negative thought process? Do you talk to yourself out of your dreams before you even begin to pursue them? If so, you need to change the way you think, and in this special edition we cover all you need to know to be on your way to create and achieve the success that you seek.

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Great Mindset Magazine

About Great Mindset Magazine

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Great Mindset Magazine is a digital magazine (that means you can download it online and read it on any device, from your desktop computer to your tablet or smart-phone), but it has an interesting new concept. It looks like a magazine, the content is formatted like a magazine, it’s the price of a magazine, but as we could discover for ourselves it’s so much more than a magazine.

The content bridges the gap between articles from a traditional magazine, newspaper or online blog, and a more in depth book, course, or workshop. They actually pick a certain number of topics for a magazine, and then go more in depth to really cover the subject so that a reader has a real practical “how to” mini-report on the subject.

In this way it is not only informative like any good article would be, but it’s also practical, as it offers you real insights in how you can implement the tips and strategies in your own life.

For example in GMM #4 they cover:

  • How To Develop The Confidence To Go After Your Dreams
  • How To Break Free Of Negative Emotions
  • How To Master The Art Of Problem Solving
  • Top 10 Success Tips From Winners
  • How To Write Your Own Success Story
  • The 7 Secrets To Your Ideal Body
  • 10 Tips To Improve Your Health At Work
  • How To Become Your Best Self

But on top of that, each edition of Great Mindset Magazine comes with additional reports and workbooks, and depending on the topics also checklists, audiobooks, and health and fitness logs.

As mentioned before these are not just articles, but more like mini-reports on the topics. But instead of a boring mini-report where you just read text, they look much nicer with the magazine formatting and the pictures that illustrate certain points of the topics discussed.

Edition #4 is 134 pages, and the previous edition was over 200 pages! And if you count all the additional reports and workbooks, it’s easy to understand why they claim “Great Mindset Magazine is so much more than a magazine!”

The tips, strategies, and techniques they share are based on time and tested methods by those that succeed. This makes that every magazine becomes a timeless edition that you can use year after year.

To check out for yourself what Great Mindset Magazine is all about, you can go here:

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  1. Interesting concept to create a topic based magazine with a more in depth approach to the subject instead of random articles on many different subjects. That looks different indeed. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Are there any other magazines that have this kind of approach?

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