Heirs Of Masaha - Heavens Opened Up

  • Title: Heirs of Masaha: (Aethons of Malurk – Book One)
  • Author: Sachit Handa
  • Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy, Mythology & Folk Tales, Fairy Tale Fantasy
  • Length: 222 pages
  • Publication Date: April 1, 2020

Heirs of Masaha – Synopsis

Heirs Of Masaha - A Fiery Blaze

Aeons ago, the heavens opened up in a fiery blaze, bestowing a ‘magical’ power upon Masaha – the power of Aether. In time, Masaha granted this to others, creating more like himself. They came to be known as Aethons, and led by the righteous Masaha, became the revered protectors of the lands of Malurk.

But the age of Aethons wasn’t to last, for power corrupted some who wielded it…

Eventually, Masaha was left with no choice but to purge the world of all Aether. But he hid his own, entrusting a few Guardians to protect it until the world was ready for Aethons again.

Now, thousands of years later, Gazeb, the disillusioned and fanatical Prince of Elid, finds this power and unleashes it on world, meaning to conquer it. And so, Malurk plunges into war, embroiling kings and queens, princes and princesses, soldiers and healers, and even rickshaw pullers.

But do they stand any chance against the force of Aether?

And will the Guardians return and restore the world to normalcy?

Or will the strange emergence of new Aethons in Malurk disrupt their plans?

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About the Author

Heirs Of Masaha - Left With No Choice

Sachit Handa was born in Shimla, a small town nestled in the hills of the Himalayas in India. He is a marketer by profession and currently resides in Mumbai with his wife.

Growing up, Sachit was always into creative writing and was part of literary groups and editorial boards in school and college. However, it was not until he started working did he discover writing to be a magical getaway from the daily drudgery. In the dust and din of Mumbai roads, he realized that the time spent in his traffic-laden commute could be used to imagine and create fantasy worlds. And so, he began working on his first book, Heirs of Masaha, in the back seats of auto-rickshaws in which he traveled to and from work. After two years of typing away on his cellphone, he finally published Heirs of Masaha in 2020.

Sachit is also an avid musician, and has composed music pieces inspired from the events in his book.

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Heirs of Masaha: Aeons ago, the heavens opened up in a fiery blaze, bestowing a ‘magical’ power upon Masaha - the power of Aether. In time, Masaha

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