Heroes Banging Fat - End Obesity Uk Workforce

  • Title: Heroes Banging Fat: Will the Prime Minister be able to explain
    the disappearance of obese people to her questioning public?
  • Author: Michael Wuertz
  • Genre: Satire, Political Thrillers, Suspense
  • Length: 373 pages pages
  • Publication Date: July 28, 2020

Heroes Banging Fat – Synopsis

Heroes Banging Fat - Obesity In Britain Hidden Agendas Book

When Victoria Seymour was elected Prime Minister, she had one simple agenda: end obesity to prepare the UK workforce for careers outside the European protectorate.

In the wake of Brexit, Victoria moves into No. 10 Downing Street as the new leader of the United Kingdom. Convinced she is at the pinnacle of her career, Victoria moves towards her noble goal with confidence, hell-bent on ending obesity in Britain.

But the new Prime Minister is surrounded by selfish advisors with their own hidden agendas. Seizing opportunities built on the new Prime Minister’s polarizing policies, they spread rumors and fear through the public in a stealth smear campaign that sees their leader’s popularity plummet.

Before long, voters lose confidence in Victoria’s unorthodox policies and stubborn rhetoric. Body positivity advocates and their allies start protests that lead to civil unrest and uprisings…and then morbidly obese citizens start to disappear.

Unable to explain the disappearances to her questioning public, Victoria follows the advice of her spin-doctors, tightening policies by placing new restrictions on the morbidly obese. What started as a way of coming to power has now forced Victoria’s political career to take turns she never anticipated.

Heroes Banging Fat is a tale of awkward politics, business ethics, psychology, greed, human stupidity and the trauma of brutal pasts, that explores why people would rather believe comfortable lies over hard factual arguments. Laced heavily with irony, this political satire is sure to have you questioning the world we live in today.


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About the Author

Heroes Banging Fat - Political Satire Books

Michael Wuertz originates from Copenhagen in Denmark. He was born on the 9th of August 1970 and was educated as an aerospace engineer holding a private pilot license. As a child, he went to school in Denmark and Saudi Arabia and later took an engineering degree in Mechanical Engineering and Economics.

In his professional career, he has worked for companies such as FLSmidth and AirSimple and worked as a consultant for The Boeing Company, Airbus Industries, Volkswagen Group, and is currently working for EngineWorks.

Michael prefers spending his free time by being creative and write his beloved books. Michael also loves to socialize with his family and friends. He has a passion for rowing as a sport and flies as a private pilot for his own pleasure.

Michael is living, working, and enjoying life in the beautiful German city of Hamburg.

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Heroes Banging Fat: When Victoria Seymour was elected Prime Minister, she had one simple agenda: end obesity to prepare the UK workforce for careers outside

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