High Tide

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High Tide

High Tide - Poems Collection Book

  • Title: High Tide poems
  • Author: Ed Meek
  • Genre: Literature, Fiction, Poetry
  • Length: 94 pages
  • Publisher: Aubade Publishing
  • Publication Date: July 28, 2020

High Tide poems- Synopsis

High Tide - Sandy Banks Narrative Poems Collection

High Tide . . .

On the one hand, high tide can mean “surf’s up” on a beautiful beach. You might be there with friends or family–waves big enough to ride, sun high in an azure sky.

On the other, there is Dylan’s sinister warning: “It’s bad out there. High waters everywhere.” Those waves that seemed friendly before can be dark, ominous–dangerous. And a memory of a family walk on the beach, of childhood days spent on the Outer Cape in August, can seem a bit scarier as the tide of time steadily crawls up the sandy banks. . . .

Along with narrative poems of the poet’s past, this diverse collection contains poems of place about the Outer Cape, Wellfleet, Montana, and Somerville. Others address the changes to our environment, among them, the rising seas. Political poems recognize the chaos of our times, and try to divine order from this chaos. For what is poetry but a means to see the world through song and metaphor, a way to take a closer look at our lives and the world around us?

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Author Bio

High Tide - The Rising Seas Poems Book

Ed Meek writes poetry, fiction, articles and book reviews. He has published poems in The Sun, The Paris Review and Plume. His short stories have appeared in The North American Review, Cream City Review, and Hobart.. He has written articles for The Boston Globe, CounterPunch, and The Boston Review. He writes book reviews for The Arts Fuse and Dig Boston. He lives with his wife in Somerville and Wellfleet, Massachusetts.

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