Homecoming: the Fireman’s Redemption

Homecoming: the Fireman’s Redemption: A Second Chance Romance - life changing accident break her heart

  • Title: Homecoming: the Fireman’s Redemption: A Second Chance Romance
  • Author: Jennifer Jansen
  • Genre: Romance, Literature, Fiction, Contemporary Fiction
  • Length: 266 pages
  • Publication Date: September 1, 2021

Homecoming: the Fireman’s Redemption – Synopsis

Homecoming: the Fireman’s Redemption: A Second Chance Romance - break her heart romance fire fighter romance novels

One fateful accident changed his entire life…

Luke Haines left to fight fires in the U.S. and never came back. His life in Australia – gone. His marriage to the love of his life – gone. His job – gone.

Now Luke has decided, despite all the carnage he’s caused, home is where he wants to be.

The love of his life, his wife Evelyn, has been devastated by his sudden and unexplained departure from her life and their marriage. Making amends to her will be harder than Luke could have imagined. He did, after all, break her heart and never offer a proper explanation for his disappearance.

As questions about Luke’s departure overwhelm Evelyn, so do thoughts of their love, the link to the past she’s trying to leave behind. Luke was her first love, her protector, her soul mate. When Luke reappears unexpectedly, everything Evelyn has tried to leave behind suddenly comes rushing back, and the new future she was moving towards is threatened.

A wonderful second chance romance.

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Author Bio

Homecoming: the Fireman’s Redemption: A Second Chance Romance - firemen romance books soul mate romance

Lose yourself in spellbinding tales of duty, desire, scandal, and the power of love…

Jennifer Jansen writes sweet and steamy contemporary romance books set in exotic locations and filled with drama and a slow-smoulder. They will leave you breathless with a happy smile on your face.

She’s travelled the world and received inspiration for her writing in the destinations she’s visited. She met her husband on one of those travels and they now live in her homeland of Australia. She often calls on him to help her pick out hot men pictures to use on her book covers, a job he has now resigned from!

Originally a language teacher, she speaks three languages and is currently learning a fourth, so you could say words are in her blood.

When Jennifer isn’t writing or reading, she likes to spend time with her animals.

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