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  • Title: How to thrive as a female leader in a still patriarchal society
  • Author: Iulia Ivan
  • Genre: Business, Competition, Infrastructure, Leadership, Management, Money, Nonfiction, Personal Finance, Personal Success, Planning, Processes, Skills, Strategic Management, Strategic Planning, Strategy, Systems
  • Format: Kindle, Paperback
  • Length: 124 pages
  • Publication Date: February 14, 2024

Book Description

How To Thrive As A Female Leader In A Still Patriarchal Society - Challenges Faced By Female Leaders

As more societies adhere to the idea of females in charge, behind closed doors women in leadership positions are still facing the true face of patriarchy. Not only in the forms of unquestioned myths, toxic behavior, invisibility, and ignorance, but also in the form of unknown and unconscious biases routed in our minds.

For generations, patriarchal societies have imparted the lesson of invisibility to women. Yet, in leadership roles, the spotlight intensifies. As the head, you bear a brighter light than any other position. Amidst the challenges of discrimination, unequal opportunities, and bullying from those threatened by our ascent, there exists a subtler struggle.

”Unseen and often unconscious, these internal soldiers have been witnesses to numerous acts of oppression and violence against us, as women. Their mission? To maintain the illusion of safety by keeping us invisible.”

This book delves into these layers of internal resistance, exploring the nuances of leadership beyond the evident hurdles. It is uncovering the intricate dance between societal expectations and the silent battles fought within, as women navigate the path to empowerment and visibility.

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About the Author

Author Iulia Ivan - Female Leadership Business Transformation Iulia Ivan is a Founder and CEO of Beyond Business, a company that offers business transformation and change management consulting. In addition to her entrepreneurship role, Iulia offers inclusive leadership mentorship through experiential programs to women all over the world.

Previously, Iulia held different executive management positions within Europe and also Middle East. In these roles, she was a factor of change, provoking the status quo and brought innovative solutions. Alongside, she was volunteer mentor for organization like Power to fly, She is Mom, where she supported women in leadership positions.

Iulia earned a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration and one in Psychology. She followed several courses in business scale-up and transformation ( Scale-up 1000, Cristian Onețiu, Forbes 500 Romania), psychology, behavioural analysis, and leadership.

She is part of The Break Fellowship, an award-winning international network of 1000 women entrepreneurs committed to have a positive change on the world.

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Explore challenges for female leaders in patriarchal societies with "How to Thrive as a Female Leader." Navigate discrimination, achieve empowerment.

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