In The Shadow Of Two Gods

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In The Shadow Of Two Gods

In The Shadow Of Two Gods - Historical Novel

  • Title: In The Shadow Of Two Gods: A historical novel about Marcus Aurelius and his time (SOLAR WIND)
  • Author: Oleg Krasin
  • Genre: Literature & Fiction
  • Length: 338 pages
  • Publication Date: October 31, 2019

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In The Shadow Of Two Gods – Synopsis

In The Shadow Of Two Gods - Greatest Man Of The Age

A series of novels The Solar Wind tells the story of the outstanding ruler and philosopher Marcus Aurelius Antoninus, who liked to say that states would flourish if rulers were philosophers and philosophers were rulers. This book is about a man who believed that he would be forgotten but was mistaken. The famous French philosopher and writer Ernest Renan wrote about him: “Yes, every one of us wears mourning in his heart for Marcus Aurelius, as though he died but yesterday. With him, philosophy was on the throne. For a moment, thanks to him, the world was governed by the best and greatest man of his age.”The first book, In The Shadow Of Two Gods, talks about the period of maturity of Markus. Where did this boy come from? What are the sources of his mind, composure, that huge vital energy that concentrated in him and allowed to stop the invasion of many and dangerous enemies of Rome?To the extent possible, the author tried to use real letters and notes of Marcus Aurelius, Cornelius Fronto, Faustina the Younger, Lucius Verus, Avidius Cassius, Lucian of Samosata, Galen and other historical figures to recreate the picture of manners and human relations of that time.

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About the Author

In The Shadow Of Two Gods - Enemies Of Rome

Oleg Krasin (real name Pavlov) is a member of the Russian Union of Writers. Born in Moscow. Writer, poet, dramaturge. He is the author of the books Metro Children, Another Life, and The Invisible Frontier trilogy. Several of his works are dedicated to Russian writers. So, the story Elegy At The Sunset Of The Day tells about the life and love of the great Russian poet Fyodor Tyutchev, and the play Nobody, about the silver age poet Innokenty Annensky. All books published in Amazon (Russian Edition).

Oleg Krasin was interested in history from childhood. This interest helps him even now in his work on a series of novels under the general title Solar Wind, about the emperor-philosopher Marcus Aurelius.

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