Insubordinate - Turn Challenges Into Opportunities

  • Title: Insubordinate
  • Author: Raquel S. Downing
  • Genre: Literature, Fiction, Self Help
  • Length: 78 pages
  • Publication Date: October 19, 2020

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Insubordinate – Synopsis

Insubordinate - Story Of A Woman Turn Challenges Into Success

People, generally speaking, face issues, and some welcome them resiliently. One such name is Raquel Downing, who turned challenges into learning opportunities and became a better individual. Insubordinate tells the story of a woman who traveled on life’s road successfully, faced undue hardship and never let what people or society had to say to deter her. Success is not a matter of luck but hard and smart work. Also, health issues must be taken very seriously. Overall, the book offers the secret sauce of overcoming challenges everytime.

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About the Author

Insubordinate - Overcoming Challenges In Life

Raquel S. Downing is a native New Yorker fighting for causes relating to ethical issues and risk management. The primary focus is determining whether or not is it Ethical? What are the Policies? And what are the Legal concerns behind it? She is presently completing her studies to become a doctor. As a clinician, she plans to focus on some severe dilemmas: integrative, customize, rare diseases, and cancer informatics medicine and its ethical issues.

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