JQR: A Novel

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JQR: A Novel

JQR - A Boy And His Dog

  • Title: JQR
  • Authors: Joey Rodriguez
  • Genre: Post-Apocalyptic, Science Fiction, Fantasy
  • Length: 801 pages
  • Publisher: Not Your Platypus
  • Publication Date: March 6, 2020

JQR – Synopsis

JQR - Last Great War

After their home is destroyed by an atomic blast, an android and his best pup set out to find his human parents and piece together the remnants of a nation-wide invasion. Lost in their own backyard, our heroes must battle unknown forces both foreign and domestic, using the skills, and wit, of their favorite Saturday matinee heroes. Spills, chills, and thrills leap from the page in the explosive saga of “JQR”, an adventure sure to tickle even the bravest of readers!

Hardcover Synopsis: An old enemy has returned. Dormant for only two decades, the rising sun stormed the beaches and the wide avenues to avenge their defeat. Just a boy and his dog; he a nearly obsolete model, her a pure breed. Left to fend for themselves during the invasion, JoJo, as his family affectionately called him, must wrestle with his metal construction, his childish memories, and the fact that he will never become human. His father’s own experiences in the Last Great War, painful and victorious, have bred fear, doubt, and distrust in them all.

But the world has been far from kind, the survivors hoarding their resources, firing blindly into the atomic remains of what they had proudly cultivated. Lost now in a world he thought he knew, his family’s shadows fading quickly, there is much to learn about the hierarchy of man and where a small android and his loyal best friend fit in.

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About The Authors

JQR - Childish Memories

Joey Rodriguez lives in New York City with his wife, Lauren, and their Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Joon. He is the author of four novels (JQR, Below, Termination Dust, and The Final Transmissions of A Doomed Astronaut) and one novella (Raptures of the Deep). To purchase any of his books, visit his official website: notyourplatypus.com. And join Joey and Lauren each month for Pupcorn And A Movie, a podcast where they chat about all sorts of movies and he sometimes convinces her to watch the scariest films of all time!

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