Light A Fire - A Woman's Reflection

  • Title: Light A Fire: A Girl’s First, A Woman’s Reflection
  • Author: BeeKels ArtOrigins
  • Genre: Satire, Fiction, Young Adult, Short Reads
  • Length: 38 pages
  • Publication Date: February 25, 2020

Light A Fire – Synopsis

Light A Fire - Making Choices

“Light A Fire” is poetic, describing a Girl’s First, and what leads to A Woman’s Reflection. BeeKels ArtOrigins describes a world of woman and man. The mindfulness that a young woman has when making choices made to ignite a relationship start with a single ember. The poetic fire builds, with timbers that describe trial and error that continues throughout a love story.

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About the Author

Light A Fire - A Love Story Book

Kelsi B. Brooks (BeeKels ArtOrigins) is an Educator who resides in Atlanta, Georgia. She enjoys the performing arts, hiking outdoors, and bonding with animals. As a new author, she writes a historical fiction and a short story about the paranormal. The inner beauty of light is inspiration for BeeKels ArtOrigins. In her books, she seeks to illuminate truths of romance, historical ties to reality’s past, and use fiction as her lamp.

The journey of freedom starts with a reason to be enslaved. When Tembo and his comrades flee to become a part of the Cimarron band, a new life can become a reality for runaway slaves. This historical fiction explores the narrative of Native Indians in the South Eastern region. Enjoy her publication on Amazon, called “Light: A Historical Fiction”.

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"Light A Fire" is poetic, describing a Girl's First, and what leads to A Woman's Reflection. BeeKels ArtOrigins describes a world of woman and man. The

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