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Lockdown Report Mallorca

Lockdown Report Mallorca - Spread All Over The World

  • Title: Lockdown Report Mallorca: They call it the new reality…
  • Author: Tina Stager
  • Genre: Biographies, Memoirs, Historical
  • Length: 114 pages
  • Publication Date: May 20, 2020

Lockdown Report Mallorca – Synopsis

Lockdown Report Mallorca - Nothing To Worry About

The news about the current events has spread all over the world by now. I live on a small island in the Mediterranean, called Mallorca.At the end of January 2020, we got the first news about the latest viral outbreak in China. So far there was nothing to worry about. A month later, we heard about the huge outbreak in Italy. People started to panic all over the world, as the virus kept spreading.On January 31st the first case in Spain was confirmed, coming from Germany. That’s when it all started. Monday, March 9th people already went crazy, buying tons of toilet paper and noodles, leaving supermarkets empty. Thursday, March 12th the government announced the closing of all schools in the entire country. Friday after that they set up an emergency meeting. People kept emptying the shelves in the markets, leaving other people without resources.March 14th, Spain declared the national state of emergency, which included a complete lockdown starting immediately. So, from that day on, I have been writing about current events from the inside – I was curious where this situation will lead us. What seemed to be a big joke in the beginning, turned into a horrible nightmare!

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About the Author

Lockdown Report Mallorca - Where It All Started

Tina Stager was born in 1985 and grew up in several countries, such as the United States, Germany, Italy or Spain. She moved to a small island in the Mediterranean Sea, called Mallorca, in autumn of 2008. For many years she taught in language academies. Her first book, “Lockdown Report Mallorca,” was written very spontaneous, due to a lockdown period in 2020. Before that she was working on her first novel “Ally’s journey”. During the last years several short stories of her have been published in the UK and the US.

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5.0 Rating From 2 Reviews.
on 28, May 2020
I’ve just finished reading this last night. I love it! It made me think a lot, and you can literally feel the emotions of the author in every moment!
on 11, Jun 2020
Wow, this really made me think! Loved it!

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