Love Letters to a Panini

Love Letters to a Panini - Anonymous Admirer

  • Title: Love Letters to a Panini
  • Author: Jun Carnecer
  • Genre: Literature, Fiction, Coming of Age Fiction, Contemporary Romance
  • Length: 224 pages
  • Publication Date: July 18, 2020

Love Letters to a Panini – Synopsis

Love Letters to a Panini - Individual Letters

Most girls would be happy to receive love letters, even from anonymous admirers.

But not Katie.

She opened her locker and saw a white envelope, her name spelled in individual letters cut out from a magazine.
“Like a ransom note,” she thought.
Katie put it back and closed her locker. But Athena was adamant: they had to see what’s inside.
They opened the letter and saw the image of a naked man. Kneeling and with arms raised, he seemed to be worshipping an altar with five huge, glowing candles.
“It’s not occult,” Athena explained. “It’s the Praying Nudist, the unofficial logo of Dash, a band my dad loves.”
At the back of the image, they saw the cryptic message:
“Watching you from afar. Dazzled by your brightness.”
They quickly learned that the words came from one of the band’s songs, a pattern that would be repeated in the coming weeks. Similar letters– all related to a recent event in Katie’s life.
But who could the admirer be? Is it Barry the class jock? Alvis the class nerd? Doody the class playboy? Or is it a girl she’d been close to? It could be anybody.
And why would anyone be called a Panini?

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About the Author

Love Letters to a Panini - Watching You From Afar

Jun Carnecer has spent his career in a different field of writing: the software industry. He has written both fiction and non-fiction. He lives in Manila with his family, including a golden retriever named Conner.

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