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  • Title: Love or Lies
  • Author: Craig Hastings
  • Genre: Christian, Contemporary Fiction, Fiction, Inspirational, Literature, Mystery, Religion, Religious, Romance, Spirituality, Suspense
  • Format: Kindle, Paperback
  • Length: 231 pages
  • Publisher: Pen It Publications
  • Publication Date: January 31, 2024

Book Description

Love Or Lies - Secrets Unraveling Christian Romance

When El’s prestigious position in the company she helped build is eliminated, she loses both her boyfriend and her place to live. Facing an uncertain future, she agrees to return home to settle her deceased aunt’s estate. But her trip down memory lane comes with a few surprises.

The bad boy who was her high school sweetheart is the pastor officiating the funeral. Her radical antisocial aunt regularly hosted a rowdy church youth group. And mysteries hide not just in several letters stashed away in a safe deposit box but also in the very pages of her aunt’s novels.

As the secrets and lies unravel, El must confront the ghosts of her past relationships, the distance between her and God, and the truth about the real love. But will she give any type of love a chance?

In Love or Lies, El takes an emotional journey of self-discovery and faith to make sense of her past and look beyond the lies she’s been told. This touching Christian Romance explores what it means to rediscover a connection with God and to unlock the true power of love.

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About the Author

Author Craig Hastings - Emotional Journey Connection With God Born and raised in Muncie, IN, Craig Hastings is about as typical middle-America as they come. His 20 years in the U.S. Air Force, followed by another 15 as a DoD contractor, allowed him to live in several places in the States and overseas. After over 20 years in German and the UK, (Craig hates moving), he and his wife settled in Oklahoma City where their miniature Dachshunds allow Craig and his wife to live with them. He continues working for a major computer company under contract with a major airline manufacturer, which keeps him busy during the weekdays. Leaving evenings and weekends for his writing. Oh, and his major job of taking care of the pups.

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Love or Lies: El faces lost love, family secrets, and a journey of faith in this gripping Christian romance. Can she find truth and love amid deception?

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