Loved And Wanted - Modern Woman Of Today Transformational Book

  • Title: Loved and Wanted: the Ultimate Guide for the Modern Woman,
    Part I Back to the Roots of Femininity
  • Author: Elena Miro
  • Genre: Self Help, Short Reads, Parenting, Relationships
  • Length: 33 pages
  • Publication Date: July 20, 2020

Loved and Wanted – Synopsis

Loved And Wanted - How To Reconnect With Your Femininity - Book On Femininity

Loved and Wanted: The Ultimate Guide for the Modern Woman is a transformational book that will help you reconnect with your femininity and truly have it all!

Have you been focusing on your career—racking up the success you always dreamed about in that part of your life—but now that you’ve achieved those dreams, do you find that something is still missing in your life? Does it seem like there’s a yearning inside you for something more, but you’re not sure how to get back what you believe you’ve lost?

Have you ever looked in the mirror to find that you don’t recognize the woman staring back at you? It’s easy to become so focused on your professional life that you don’t nurture your feminine side, but you shouldn’t have to sacrifice that for your career.

Would you like to truly have it all—a successful professional career, beautiful, and feminine woman looking back at you in the mirror, along with a loving family? Perhaps achieving your professional goals didn’t restore that sparkle in your eyes or bring you the fulfillment you expected, so now you realize you want to be loved and wanted too!

If this is your experience, then this is where you should start your journey to rescue that gorgeous creature from inside of you!

This is the first book in a series of three that examines the topic of femininity through the eyes of one woman’s journey in which she finds and learns about what is missing in her life. Through Andrea’s experiences, you’ll discover the root of the problem that modern women often struggle with—merging femininity and family with a professional career. Many women put off starting a family while they seek to establish themselves professionally. Then, one day, they wake up and realize how much time has slipped away from them. They find themselves hungering for more than just their career. The Loved and Wanted series of books provides an entertaining analysis of the problem and presents an innovative solution that will help you restore your femininity, so you can fully experience the fulfilling, wholly satisfying life that you deserve.

You’ll find there is a way to be a successful, feminine woman, and these books will guide you through that process.

Now is the time to open your mind to the possibility of another way. The Loved and Wanted series will show you how to reveal the gorgeous woman inside of you, so you will feel desirable and finally find the sustainable happiness you’re seeking!

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About the Author

Loved And Wanted - How To Nurture Your Feminine Side

Elena Miro was born and raised in Ukraine. An International dating coach and relationship advisor who loves to see people involved in loving and fulfilling relationships. Helping people to build healthy and rewarding relationships is her passion. To fulfill this passion, she obtained a Master’s degree in sociology and psychology and has been working with various dating and marriage agencies to help people find the most suitable life partners. Successfully recovered from narcissistic abuse. Huge experience in the sphere of dating and relationships inspired her to write transformational books for women.

Loved and Wanted: the Ultimate Guide for the Modern Woman is an extract of my years of experience in dating and relationships, and I am really delighted to present you with something that will bring satisfaction and happiness in your life.

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Loved and Wanted: The Ultimate Guide for the Modern Woman is a transformational book that will help you reconnect with your femininity

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