Loving A Soulless Thug

Loving A Soulless Thug

Loving A Soulless Thug - Thug Story

  • Title: Loving A Soulless Thug
  • Author: Jushelle Smiter
  • Genre: Literature, Fiction, African American
  • Length: 243 pages
  • Publication Date: January 29, 2020

Loving A Soulless Thug – Synopsis

Loving A Soulless Thug - It Ain't Easy Loving A Thug

Freddie is a good guy who is trying to change his life. He is slowly transitioning his way out of the drug game and going completely legit. He is getting ready to marry the woman of his dreams. The only thing with that is, he is hiding a big secret from his fiancée. And he will soon learn that what goes on in the dark soon comes to light.

Danny is in a world of her own. She just graduated with her master’s in nursing and soon she will be married to the greatest man on earth, or so she thought. When she finds out about the secret that her fiancé has been hiding, she is completely devastated and calls off the wedding.

They both try to cope with the loss of their relationship with help from their friends. But when unknown enemies start to attack them, a close friend is secretly working with the enemy, and with a mother-in-law and baby mama from hell, it looks like the bond that they have will be forever broken.

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About the Author

Loving A Soulless Thug - Hiding A Big Secret

My name is Jushelle Smiter. I’m from Chicago, Illinois. I’m a single mother of 4 handsome young men, and 1 beautiful daughter. I’m also a proud grandmother of 1 handsome and precious little boy. I didn’t go my whole life wanting to become an author. The thought came because I am an avid reader and I didn’t like the ending of a book I was reading. So the thought popped into my mind. If you don’t like how their story ended write your own.

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