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  • Title: LUNACY: A 1930’s Southern Romance (Switched Series)
  • Author: Kay Chandler
  • Genre: Historical, Mystery & Suspense, Romance
  • Length: 389 pages
  • Publication Date: July 12, 2015
  • Publisher: Life Rocks! Media
  • Paperback Price: $15.95
  • Kindle Price: $4.99

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LUNACY: A 1930’s Southern Romance (Switched Series)


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Advised by a quack doctor in 1915 that her unborn child is at risk for lunacy, a wealthy woman pays a midwife to secretly switch her baby with the newborn daughter of a penniless couple. Twenty-one years later, when the horrifying truth is revealed in a Last Will and Testament, Harper Harrington is forced to swap places with Veezie, the rightful heir. The backwoodsy Veezie wastes no time booting Harper out of palatial Nine Gables. With no funds and nowhere to go, Harper moves into the rundown shanty that Veezie previously called home, in Goose Hollow, Alabama. But Harper soon discovers the unattached, young country doctor in the little hick town has something far more valuable to her than the affluent lifestyle she left behind. However, to take it from him will break his heart. If he wasn’t so stubborn, Harper could fall for a man like Flint. When Dr. Flint McCall learns Harper is secretly attempting to sabotage his plans, he’s furious and begins a quest of his own. How could he have fallen in love with such a pig-headed woman?

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About the Author

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In 1896, Henry James wrote in The Spoils of Poynton that he gathered “germs” for his novels, saying most of his writings sprung from a single seed—a floating particle in the stream of talk. I got it! I understood, because as a Southern Fiction writer, I’m a gatherer of seeds, also. I was born and reared in the Deep South. I love this land. I love my people. I listen to what they say and what they leave unsaid. It’s the unsaid—those tightly woven secrets—that become unraveled in my books. I’ve been referred to as a Southern Gothic writer, even though my novels take place in the 1930’s. I hope you enjoy these romantic Southern Secrets.

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