Margarita Mondays - Changes Of Life

  • Title: Margarita Mondays
  • Author: Angela Spade
  • Genre: Literature, Fiction, Women’s Friendship Fiction, Family Life Fiction
  • Length: 191 pages
  • Publication Date: May 10, 2020

Margarita Mondays – Synopsis

Margarita Mondays - Point Of No Return

When Cici, Mavis and Roxy meet in Kindergarten, they have no way of knowing that thirty-five years later they will be praying over Cici’s broken body, sharing in Mavis’s joy when she finds her birth mother or holding Roxy together the day she buries her lover.

Margarita Mondays follows the lives of stay-at-home moms Cici Flanders and Mavis Gamble and nurse Roxy Devereaux, best friends who are now in their forties and facing more changes of life than a meeting of the Red Hat Society. Cici’s twenty-year marriage ends the day her husband beats her so severely she requires hospitalization. Despite years of abuse and the knowledge of his affair with his teenaged secretary, she planned to stay with him. Then he crossed the point of no return: he hit her in front of their children. The adopted biracial child of a loving father and a heartless, bigoted mother, Mavis has eaten her way through a life where she felt she never fit in. Upon her mother’s death, Mavis finds her adoption documents and at her best friends’ insistence, seeks out her birth mother. They accompany her to an emotional meeting with the woman who becomes the mother Mavis always dreamt of, always needed but never had. Thrice divorced Roxy falls for yet another handsome doctor. Tragedy strikes when her new lover dies in a car accident on his way to her house. It’s at his funeral that Roxy finds out he was married with children. Devastated, she swears off men. That is, until she meets Cici’s trust attorney. It is love at first sight, a first for Roxy, and they make plans for the future. For three women as different as night and day and night again, they share a common bond of friendship and love that endures through four decades and five husbands, most of them Roxy’s.

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About the Author

Margarita Mondays - Emotional Meeting

Born and raised in what is quite possibly the smallest town in Ohio, Angela’s love of words started the day her aunt handed her a children’s dictionary. It wasn’t long before she moved from the dictionary to the Encyclopedia, and by third grade was writing, casting and directing her own plays. She truly believes that her early start in reading and creative writing is what got her through Senior English, Chaucer and Shakespeare. Eventually leaving her job as a staff accountant to pursue writing full time, Angela worked out of her home office/spare bedroom in that same small town in Ohio.

Sadly, she passed away in 2011. Her family published her first book, The Sisters Bell, in 2013 as a way to honor her memory. Her second book, Margarita Mondays was published in 2020.

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Margarita Mondays: When Cici, Mavis and Roxy meet in Kindergarten, they have no way of knowing that thirty-five years later they will be praying over Cici’s

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