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Marshmallow Toast

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  • Title: Marshmallow Toast (Nana Says Book Collection)
  • Author: Lauren Burnett
  • Genre: Children’s Books, Activity Books
  • Length: 32 pages
  • Illustrator: Ros Web
  • Publisher: Inner Quality Publishing — Nana Says
  • Publication Date: August 2, 2017
  • Hardcover Price: $18.71
  • Paperback Price: $11.41
  • Kindle Price: $2.99

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Marshmallow Toast and Fly So High


Marshmallow Toast cover

One day this super-cool, creative idea just pops into Elisa-Kay’s mind. She is so excited to give it a try – the only problem is her friends and family don’t share her enthusiasm and even think her idea is just plain weird.

What will Elisa-Kay do as she faces people who say “No!” to her idea? Will her enthusiasm be enough to make someone believe in her? Will you root for her?

Follow along and find out! But don’t be surprised if something happens you never even imagined!

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About The Author

Lauren Burnett

Lauren Burnett is an author of children’s communication products, a former public-school teacher, and a speaker who creates and presents educational programs to organizations across the nation.

Lauren lives in Cleveland, Ohio as a real-life “Nana” to two girls, Kaileigh and Elisa, and finds endless inspiration in their curiosity, creativity and adventures.

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