Monsters Among Us

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Monsters Among Us

Monsters Among Us - Secluded Town Hiding A Secret

  • Title: Monsters Among Us
  • Author: Liz Zemlicka
  • Genre: 90-Minute Mystery, Thriller, Suspense, Short Reads, Literature, Fiction, Paranormal
  • Length: 52 pages
  • Publication Date: June 10, 2021

Monsters Among Us – Synopsis

Monsters Among Us - Small Town Hiding A Deep Dark Secret Book

In a small, secluded town, four teenagers stumble upon something dark and deadly in the thick forest surrounding the town. Now twenty years later, they discover the deep dark secret the town has been hiding and the unimaginable lengths they will go to keep that secret. From the Author of Infected comes Monsters Among Us.

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About The Author

Monsters Among Us Book - Thick Forest Keep A Secret

Liz started writing as a teenager; over the years, she had gone more in the genre of Blogging than storytelling but has always stayed an avid reader. With inspiration from great writers of horror fiction like Stephen King, Anne Rice, Ray Bradbury, Edgar Allen Poe, and many more. She has improved her writing style and found her niche in storytelling and entertaining. Born and raised in the Midwest. A nurse, mother to three boys, and a pit bull rescue mama. She always had a fascination with the unseen because there is nothing scarier than something that can play with your mind and terrify you beyond the reach of your five senses.

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