Moondog and the Reed Leopard

Moondog and the Reed Leopard - Detective Work

  • Title: Moondog and the Reed Leopard
  • Author: Neil Mach
  • Genre: Fiction
  • Length: 435 pages
  • Publication Date: August 6, 2019

Moondog and the Reed Leopard – Synopsis

Moondog and the Reed Leopard - Detective Story

A bored teenager seeks help from Moondog. Moondog is a Romani detective. He is called when other investigators hesitate. He inquires into things that lay beyond normal human experience, where things hang in the balance between mundane and miraculous. Moondog does not work well with others… But now he must join Hopie, because the citizens of Hugh-Lupus are tormented by a miscellany of evil.

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Moondog and the Reed Leopard - Tormented By Evil

The busy English novelist Neil Mach has gained widespread recognition for the creation of strong female characters for his compelling stories that often revolve around the themes of relationships, loyalty and duty. Neil has won National Novel Writing Month four times.

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