Poetic Justice

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Poetic Justice

Poetic Justice - Dog Fighting Vigilante Style Killing

  • Title: Poetic Justice: A novel
  • Author: Lorah Jaiyn
  • Genre: Mystery, Thriller, Suspense, Serial Killer, Vigilante Justice
  • Length: 379 pages
  • Publication Date: February 23, 2020

Poetic Justice – Synopsis

Poetic Justice - Rescue Dogs Vigilante Method

Fletcher Wellington has a real hatred for dog fighting. When she snaps at the injustices done compared to the slap on the hand usually received by the guilty, she devises her own vigilante-style poetic justice. SCARS is a no-kill rescue that provides sanctuary for unwanted canines. Merrick, the ruggedly sexy owner, becomes enlisted to ‘underground railroad’ the rescued dogs. Together they work outside the box of the law to make sure no courtrooms are ever necessary. As the death toll mounts, the dog-loving lead detective is torn. While he’s sworn to uphold the law, the vigilante method is successfully purging the guilty scum. Can a serial killer be a hero?

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About The Author

Poetic Justice - Serial Killer Hero

Lorah Jaiyn started to really focus on her writing career after a nasty case of empty nest syndrome, followed by the dreaded absent-Gramma disorder. One novel, many anthologies, and several novellas later, she still hasn’t figured out her favorite genre. Her projects range from horror to romance, with a little fantasy thrown in for good measure.

Lorah lives in Central Florida and enjoy hiking and exploring the great outdoors. She foster baby squirrels when hurricanes hit and the need arises, and gives full credit to her Jack Russell as being both her muse and biggest distraction.

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