Polylife &Amp; Summer - Victim Of Abuse Young Runaway Crazy In Love

  • Title: PolyLife & Summer (The P.L.S. Collection Book 1)
  • Author: Rhonda Lisa
  • Genre: Erotic Thrillers, Erotica, Erotic, Black & African American Erotica,
    Erotic Suspense, Interracial Erotica
  • Length: 124 pages
  • Publisher: 9yne Publishing
  • Publication Date: March 1, 2021

PolyLife & Summer – Synopsis

Polylife &Amp; Summer - Young Love Story

With an addict for a mother, an abuser for a grandmother, and a rapist for a brother, Seven Miller had been born into a family that wasn’t worth a damn. It was no wonder that at twelve years old the young abuse victim had run away and found herself crazy in love with, and desperately clinging to sixteen year old Xavier Gold, her protector, her provider, her everything. Until her evil grandmother found out and set out to destroy their young love even if she had to commit murder to do it!

Now, Seven years later, after having suffered an unimaginable loss, Seven and Xavier are still together, stronger than ever, and on their way to the altar. There’s only one problem. Xavier’s unhealthy and unnatural obsession with Seven. This time around, it’s not only outside forces that risk tearing the young couple apart, it’s the madness of the forces within.

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About The Author

Polylife &Amp; Summer - Young Runaway Madly In Love Novel

Rhonda Lisa Knox was Born and raised in West Palm Beach, Florida. She started writing short stories at the age of twelve and writing became not only her therapy but also her entertainment. As a child, RhondaLisa suffered from stuttering which caused severe communication issues. That stuttering would forever change the course of her life.

As a way to express herself to friends and family effectively, she would use nonverbal forms of communication like text messaging and writing letters. Rhonda was in the 7th grade when she came to see that writing her thoughts had increased her creativity exponentially, and her pen took on a life of its own. In 2014, Rhonda started writing short stories on Wattpad, and the feedback from fans inspired her to publish an official book. In 2021 her dream was finally realized.

Now, RhondaLisa is a published author and the founder and CEO of her company, 9yne Publishing. Her extensive life experiences serve as the backdrop of her writing and as the catalyst behind her ambitions to excel in the publishing industry. She happily resides in Alexandria, Louisiana, where she enjoys her privacy and where she is working on her latest hit series, Poly Life and Summer.

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PolyLife & Summer: With an addict for a mother, an abuser for a grandmother, and a rapist for a brother, Seven Miller had been born into a

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