50 Bible Truths on Wealth

50 Bible Truths on Wealth - Bible Teachings About Wealth

  • Title: 50 Bible Truths on Wealth
  • Author: Gino Leito
  • Genre: Religion, Spirituality, Christian
  • Length: 150 pages
  • Publication Date: December 22, 2019

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50 Bible Truths on Wealth

"50 Bible Truths on Wealth" is now available as e-book or paperback on bol.com and Amazon in English and Dutch!"50 Bijbelse Waarheden over Rijkdom" is nu verkrijgbaar als e-book of paperback op bol.com en Amazon, zowel in het Nederlands als Engels!Please like, comment and share!

Posted by Gino Leito on Sunday, January 26, 2020

50 Bible Truths on Wealth – Synopsis

50 Bible Truths on Wealth - Wealth According To The Bible

The Bible is a road map, an instruction manual for life. As money is undeniably important in our everyday lives, shouldn’t we be able to find insights on money in the Bible? Of course!

  • Did you know that money and possessions are referenced more than 2000 times in the Bible? So if the Bible mentions money and possessions that many times, 2 simple conclusions can be drawn:
    1. If money is mentioned that many times in the Bible, shouldn’t we be able to learn a lot about it?
    2. If money is mentioned that many times in the Bible, it isn’t something irrelevant and unspiritual, right? Did you know that Jesus even says how we handle wealth is decisive in whether we will be entrusted with spiritual riches? So, then how should we handle wealth according to the Bible? This and many other truths can be found in this book! This book contains 50 truths on wealth and prosperity from the Bible. In “50 Bible Truths on Wealth”, nothing less than the whole truth of the Bible on the topic of wealth will be covered. Simple practical truths, points for attention but also precautions on money, wealth, possessions and prosperity. So many of the spiritual examples in the Bible had a lot of wealth: Abraham, Job, Daniel, David, Solomon and the list goes on. Luckily for us, all these God-fearing individuals have left timeless truths and keys for us to study, for example:
  • Keys to acquiring, attracting and retaining wealth
  • Worshipping God through wealth
  • Handling wealth in line with God’s will

The above is just a tip of an iceberg. I encourage you to read this book and may you grasp the truths inside of it. Be encouraged to take all the points covered into consideration and my sincere heart’s desire and prayer is that you, and therefore ultimately God’s Kingdom, will benefit from it!

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About the Author

50 Bible Truths on Wealth - Attracting Wealth

Gino Leito LLM MSc has written this book after he felt that the Lord pressed upon his heart to study this topic. With a bachelor degree in economics, a master degree in Accounting & Control and a master degree in Fiscal Law his interest has always been in the area of (handling) finances.

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