720 Heartbeats

720 Heartbeats - Edge Of Your Seat Gripping Novel

  • Title: 720 Heartbeats
  • Author: Jaka Tomc
  • Genre: Literature, Fiction, Techno Thriller, Suspense, Thriller, Metaphysical, Science Fiction
  • Length: 145 pages
  • Publication Date: June 15, 2018

720 Heartbeats – Synopsis

720 Heartbeats - True Knowledge Is Power

What if your future would no longer be a mystery to you? What would you do?

Detective Rok Kopitar’s life is turned upside down. His worldview and his common sense are being defied by an adversary who seems to know everything about him.

From the moment he discovers an obscure icon on his desktop, everyday life seems to unravel. Everything he holds dear appears to slip through his fingers and is about to disappear from his life. Unless he manages to make the right defining decisions while working on a challenging drug trafficking case from this point forward. Is knowledge true power?

This gripping novel simultaneously plays with your imagination, the fringes of theoretical physics and philosophy. You will be devouring every word, absorbing page by page, positioned on the edge of your seat. Buckle up!

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About the Author

Author Jaka Tomc

When Jaka Tomc was three years old, sitting in his grandfather’s lap, he wanted to do what grandfather was doing. So he learned to read. Starting with obituaries.

He started writing at the age of four. Soon he realized he was better at writing than talking, and he still is today. He doesn’t like small talk. But his characters like it, use it and they’re quite good at it. Jaka believes that this is one of life’s ironies.

“People assume you must be a smooth talker if you’re a writer. That’s why I’m a writer and not a politician or a stand-up comedian. I observe and I write. I let other people do the talking.”

He published seven books so far. Four of them became bestsellers in Slovenia.

His first translated novel, 720 Heartbeats, won the 2018 Breakthrough Fiction Award in the Suspense/Thriller category.

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