A Darker Shade of Rose

A Darker Shade of Rose

A Darker Shade of Rose - Sexually Charged Book

  • Title: A Darker Shade of Rose
  • Author: Jenny Ainslie-Turner
  • Genre: Literature, Fiction, Erotica
  • Publisher: House of Erotica
  • Publication Date: 14 May 2019

A Darker Shade of Rose – Synopsis

A Darker Shade of Rose - Sexual Gratification Crime

At 39, with a failed marriage and abusive relationship behind her, Suzanna embarked on a new career on phone sex lines, escaping the mundanity of call centre work and adopting a new personality, Rose, to give life to the fantasies, both of the men she spoke to, and of her own.

Soon the safety of the line gives way to reality and Suzanna is taken over the edge into a darker world altogether, but in doing so, she discovers that in this new world, she is both prey and predator.

Rose swiftly becomes more than just a mask. She grows stronger and stronger on her own until, with the accidental death of a caller Suzanna had reluctantly agreed to meet, she begins to take over, not just Suzanna’s mind, but her very life.

Born from another’s death, Rose finds her sexual gratification only in taking others’ lives, in the ultimate sexual sacrifice, and hunting this high becomes her overriding obsession.

But Rose cannot have things all her own way: The police begin to notice the bodies left in her wake, events and people conspire against her, and even Suzanna herself is battling to regain control of her life and mind.

As events begin to close in around Rose, and Suzanna comes to realise that their fates are inextricably bound, the two personalities, sharing the same body, must find a way to cooperate, to avoid the trap that their own fantasies have created for them.

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About the Author

A Darker Shade of Rose - Abusive Relationship In A Darker World

This book takes fantasy and obsession to a whole new level. It’s about a woman trapped within herself fighting against the restraints of her past with a man she only ever feared. It was time to take revenge, in a such a sick and twisted way, a way that’s beyond anything comprehensible and unimaginable. This book grips from the very beginning with a battle of reality and acceptance of who or what she was becoming. Auto-erotic asphyxiation at its best! In this book, she comes out on top and woe betide the men beneath her.

Television phone sex chatline girl, Jenny Ainslie-Turner, is about to take the world of erotic fiction by storm with her new thriller, ‘A Darker Shade of Rose’.

Jenny Ainslie-Turner, star of the Channel Four documentary ‘My Phone Sex Secrets’, has today launched a new novel which is already looking set to rival the Fifty Shades series. Not one to hide from controversy Jenny, who recently gave away the secrets of the phone sex business in front of millions of viewers, uses her intimate knowledge of the darker side of the sex industry to great effect in her new novel, ‘A Darker Shade of Rose’.

The novel, released today by AndrewsUK, concerns a phone sex worker who after months of playing characters for her clients finds her darker side taking over, with terrifying results.

Asked whether the book is in any way autobiographical Jenny smiled and replied, “I suppose in some respects it is. I’ve often felt this other person taking over when I was on the phone with my clients. I began wondering what would happen if one day I lost sight of the real me and this violent, predatory succubus was set free. The story sort of sprang from there.”

The Channel Four documentary caused a quite a stir when it aired earlier this year as Jenny opened the doors on the Telephone Sex Lines, even suggesting it as a good career choice in today’s recession hit world and she has started a chatline company in her own name. Now after a decade in the business Jenny has pulled on her experiences and penned a thriller which is highly erotically charged and at times quite disturbing.

Despite the obvious comparisons with Fifty Shades of Grey Jenny denies it is targeted at the same audience. “This is for the more sexually mature reader,” Jenny continued. “Fifty Shades was good for raising awareness but ultimately it was aimed at people those who perhaps have never read an erotic novel, E L James made it okay to do so. A Darker Shade of Rose is much deeper and explores the darker side of human sexuality.”

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on 08, Sep 2019
So impressed with the display of my latest book and me! Cannot wait to see what these amazing people do with my next promo venture, a video of my book… Watch this space! Thank you for a 5* easy book promotion!
Jenny Ainslie-Turner