Back In Time

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Back In Time

Back In Time - Travel Back In Time Children's Book

  • Title: Back In Time (Time Jumper)
  • Author: Francine Tapp
  • Genre: Children’s Books, Time Travel, Action, Adventure, Literature
  • Length: 64 pages
  • Publication Date: September 24, 2020

Back In Time – Synopsis

Back In Time - Travel Back In Time Story

Back in Time is a “time-jump” mystery adventure, set in Long Island, in the small town of West Islip, in which twelve-year-old Anna, when trying to get through an awful time in her life, unknowingly travels back in time six years, to when things were simpler in her life. She has to figure out how she traveled through time and how she is going to get back home. And who is the little girl coming towards her with a baseball bat? And why does she seem so angry? A page-turning time travel adventure for children 10 and up! If you read this book, please write a review for me so that other’s can enjoy the book as well. Thank you!

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Author Bio

Back In Time - Time Jump Book Series

Francine Tapp was born in 1977 in a small town in Suffolk County, New York to two loving parents. She is the youngest of three children and has two older brothers. Francine is a wife, mother of three kids (14, 12, 8), works full-time as a guidance counselor in an elementary school, and has recently finished writing her first children’s chapter book, Back In Time, which is Book 1, of many books, she plans on writing in the series called “Time Jumper.”

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