Diamonds in the Snow

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Diamonds in the Snow

Diamonds in the Snow - Creative Nonfiction A Story About Love

  • Title: Diamonds in the Snow
  • Author: Michelle Wilson
  • Genre: Biographies, Memoirs
  • Length: 308 pages
  • Publisher: Austin Macauley
  • Publication Date: November 30, 2018

Diamonds in the Snow – Synopsis

Diamonds in the Snow Book - A Story About Pain, A Story Of Resilience

Diamonds in the Snow is the riveting account of Michelle’s tumultuous and often heart-wrenching relationship with her terminally ill mother. This thought-provoking work of creative nonfiction is a story about love, pain, self-discovery, and resilience.

The author chronicles her experiences as she dealt with her verbally and emotionally abusive mother, endured sexual harassment and wrongful accusations, lived with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, and struggled with being the keeper of secrets.

As a healthcare professional, Michelle interacted with various marginalized populations that society tries its best to avoid and ignore. She candidly describes her experience working with male inmates in a maximum-security prison hospital in Texas as well as her time spent working in a hospital psychiatric unit.

Diamonds in the Snow is a compelling journey full of personal challenges, fear, laughter, tears, and moments of great joy as Michelle persevered and did not allow life’s circumstances to beat her down in her pursuit of happiness.

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About The Author

Michelle is originally from the prairies in central Canada. She has worked as a registered nurse for just shy of three decades. Her unique sense of humor and ability to see her patients as more than just their afflictions has carried her through many diverse experiences. Although Michelle writes on a daily basis and has a trunk full of her memories, letters, and countless journals, Diamonds in the Snow is her first book. She resides in the Great White North with her husband, their two beautiful daughters, and an array of furry, and not so furry, family pets.

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