Flying By The Seat Of My Pants - Nobody Wants To Talk About It

  • Title: Flying by the Seat of My Pants
  • Author: Hannah Corbin
  • Genre: Religion, Spirituality, Christian Inspiration, Biographies, Memoirs of Women
  • Length: 276 pages
  • Publication Date: May 4, 2020

Flying by the Seat of My Pants – Synopsis

Flying By The Seat Of My Pants - You Picked Me Up

A mouthy redheads take on love, life, family, and the bumps that came along the way. Showing that it’s okay to not be okay and tackling the hard subjects that nobody wants to talk about. Its real its raw and its funny as heck! It’s got a little something everyone can relate to an even more for the people in the back who’ve been left out.

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About the Author

Flying By The Seat Of My Pants - This Is My Life

Hannah Corbin is a 28 year old stay at home mom who is phyaically disabled. Over the past 8+ years her life went from normal to crazy. From her down home country roots and her christian background she always aspired to be a writer but everything seemed to stand in her way. On her 21st birthday she went from a normal pregnant wife with no major medical issues ever to her whole life changing. And from there it just got crazier. Now 8 years later she finally bit the bullet and pressed on to accomplish her dream that always seemed out of reach in a short 2 months. When asked for comment she said “It’s funny how quickly things can happen when its finally God’s timing, and whats being said He wants to be heard.” Her first work Flying by the seat of my pants is just that a story of her life and its crazy ups and downs but with heavy reliance on what God did to bring her through it all. Hannah has plans to continue writing and is currently working on a trilogy called The Ember Saga. With the first book release proposed for may of 2021 barring any more severe medical issues.

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