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  • Title: Fortunes of Blood (Thomas Briggs Book 1)
  • Author: V.M. Tackett
  • Genre: Literature, Fiction, Action, Adventure, Thriller, Suspense
  • Pages: 316 Pages
  • Date Published: May 29, 2019

Fortunes of Blood (Thomas Briggs Book 1) – Synopsis

Fortunes Of Blood: Rival Gang Ex Fbi Agent Death Of A Long Term Partner

When Ex-FBI Agent, turned hired gun, Thomas Briggs takes a job from an infamous crime boss, he thought the job would be straightforward. But what he didn’t know was this job was going to bring him face to face with his past, and his future. Thomas Briggs’ life was tragically turned upside down with the death of his partner and close friend. Knowing a leak in the bureau was the direct cause of his friend’s death, he has turned his back on the powers that be and leaving the agency far behind. Now, Briggs is freelancing his skills, but his unique skills are not cheap, nor are they taken lightly. But, when the daughter of a known organized crime figure is kidnapped by a rival gang and taken to Florida, Briggs is hired to bring her back in one piece. The job also brings him full circle with his past when he discovers the man he’s working for was responsible for his friend’s death. However, when Briggs takes a job, he sees it through, the requite will soon follow. Briggs manages to free the girl and attempts to get her back to Atlantic City. But the road back is anything but smooth, with the kidnappers and crooked cops right on their tail. But then, Briggs turns up the heat, and after some intense heart-stopping action, the opposition runs head-on into Briggs’ deadly skills. But then, Briggs comes up against something he wasn’t expecting, an intense attraction to his human cargo.

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About the Author

Author V.m. Tackett

V.M. Tackett is an up and coming author, and his love for writing stretches back over three decades. Born in Los Angeles, California in 1965, his family soon relocated to Phoenix, Arizona, where his interest in writing came to life. He eventually moved to the great state of Alaska in 1984, where his love and devotion to writing continued to this day.

But, his life has had its share of adversity. In 1997 he became disabled with major depression, and the only thing that pulled him through the dark days was his writing. Determined not to let the disease win. Proving that a disability, whether it be physical or mental cannot stop what is in your heart, and that is all that counts.

Now, with his writing back on track, his works include many genres ranging from horror to action/adventure. He also treats his two beautiful granddaughters with their own personalized children’s books. And what better place to acquire the inspiration needed than the quiet solitude of Alaska. His creativity is endless, and with the support of his family and friends, he hopes to continue his writing for another 30 years.

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Fortunes of Blood: When Ex-FBI Agent, turned hired gun, Thomas Briggs takes a job from an infamous crime boss, he thought the job would be straightforward.

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