Heirs and Outlaws

Heirs and Outlaws - Seemingly Harmless

  • Title: Heirs and Outlaws
  • Author: Lester Kavanaugh
  • Genre: Literature, Fiction, Dark Fantasy, Paranormal Suspense
  • Length: 253 pages
  • Publication Date: March 6, 2019

Heirs and Outlaws – Synopsis

Heirs and Outlaws - Losing The War

The Blue, a shrouded mire in the heart of the American South. Seemingly harmless to most, but not to the citizens of Argo Fae as they are the world’s only defense against the monsters that call the dreadful marshland home. For thirty years, they’ve held the line between the weak, ignorant public and the beasts that hungered for their flesh. Lately, they’ve begun losing the war.

Caroline, the local religious leader and unpopular member of the town council, is the only one who is willing to admit it. In a desperate attempt to protect her people, Caroline seeks to enlist the help of Vergil Womack, the last of a legendary family of monster hunters. A family her father, and the people of Argo Fae, murdered decades ago.

The two form an uneasy alliance to protect the people and reclaim The Blue, but a foul and ancient evil conspires in the darkness plotting to end the long-standing war between the two worlds.

“Lester Kavanaugh brings a dark and dreary yet colorful urban fantasy set in the American South.” – Tellest.com

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About the Author

Heirs and Outlaws - Legendary Family

My name is Lester Kavanaugh. I’ve been telling stories most of my life. I have decided to make a real go of it and try to make a living at it. I have a feeling it is going to be a long and difficult road. If you would like to help me through this journey, then you have my thanks. I look forward to the challenge.

It seems one paragraph isn’t going to cut it so, here goes…

I’m a white male, single, 30’s… Uh, that sounds like the beginning of serial killer profile, and not one of the cool ones.

Seriously, though. I’ve been in the word business for nearly fifteen years. First and foremost, I do not like to call myself a writer or author. I feel that, in this business, too much attention is given to the writing and not enough to the story. I’m not a writer; I’m a storyteller. There is a difference, yes.

The main question people ask is, why? Why do you do it? Why spend thousands of hours hunched over a keyboard telling stories most people won’t want to read?

As a young man, I learned early that this life holds no great adventures. I would never slay a dragon, nor save a princess. Magic was nothing more than a ruse for conmen. So, I decided that I’d make my own adventures, my own dragons, and magic. In doing so, I made my world seem brighter, which I hope to share with others and allow them to share with me.

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