My Name Is Mocha - Children's Story About A Cow

  • Title: My Name is Mocha: A de Good Life Farm book
  • Author: Diane Orr
  • Genre: Children’s Books, Children’s Farm Animal Books
  • Pages: 34
  • Publisher: Pen It! Publications, LLC
  • Publication Date: May 25, 2019

My Name is Mocha – Synopsis

My Name Is Mocha - Short Story About A Cow Named Mocha

My name is Mocha. I am a Jersey dairy cow. I live on a farm called ‘de Good Life Farm’. That is a good name for the farm, because I have a good life. This is my story.

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About The Author

My Name Is Mocha - Farm Animal Children's Books

Diane Orr is thankful to the Lord to be a wife, mom of four children and nana to six grandchildren. She has had the privilege of home schooling her sons from kindergarten through high school graduation. She loves books and has been writing stories and poems throughout her life.

She loves living on “de Good Life Farm” with her husband, Jeff, her youngest son, Micah, as well as Mocha and her bovine family, chickens, golden retrievers, a great pyrenees and barn cats. She loves her cows and the other animals on the farm and they provide the entertainment and inspiration from which many of her stories originate. As well as writing stories, Diane also loves taking photographs of life on the farm so that other people may enjoy it vicariously.

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