Running From Blood - Vampire Captive Fallen Pregnant

  • Title: Running from Blood
  • Author: M.W. Upham
  • Genre: Literature, Fiction, Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Science Fiction
  • Length: 432 pages
  • Publisher: Page Publishing, Inc.
  • Publication Date: March 16, 2021

Running from Blood – Synopsis

Running From Blood - Story Of A Young Woman Pregnant By Vampire

It’s pitch-black when poor Katherine is dragged from her cell at the vampire castle hidden in Germany. She’s fallen pregnant with the vampire king’s baby and is forced to leave before the rest of his family finds out. He abandons her alone in the outside world, taken from everyone she’s ever known. Katherine is without any knowledge of the human world around her. Will she be able to make it on her own with a child on the way?

Follow the story of a young woman as she makes her way learning about the human world around her before she is forced to give birth to a monster. Will Katherine be able to care for herself and her child? Or will the baby be more monster than human, thirsting for her blood, becoming the death of them both?

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Author Bio

Running From Blood - Vampire Mystery Give Birth To A Monster

M.W. Upham has always daydreamed and lived in a fantasy world. Dreaming of action and adventure in everyday life, they have spent the last several years reading and writing thrilling and twisting stories that dip and dive at every turn. With an associate’s degree from Grand Rapids Community College, they continue to learn more from school while working part-time as the lead server at a senior assisted living center.

When not writing, M.W. Upham spends time in their home town of Rockford, Michigan, doing several different arts and crafts, baking, drawing, and playing with their guinea pigs and cats. M.W. Upham loves to go out with their younger sister and spend time at art shows and museums. M.W. Upham is always looking for the next inspiration for a new writing topic.

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Running from Blood: It’s pitch-black when poor Katherine is dragged from her cell at the vampire castle hidden in Germany. She’s fallen

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