Spiritual Warriors: The Unleashing

Spiritual Warriors: The Unleashing Series

  • Title: Spiritual Warriors: The Unleashing
  • Author: Nakia L Brown
  • Genre: Christian, Science Fiction, Metaphysical, Suspense
  • Length: 177 pages
  • Publisher: Pearly Gates Publishing, LLC
  • Publication Date: November 8, 2020

Spiritual Warriors: The Unleashing – Synopsis

Spiritual Warriors: The Unleashing - Unspeakable Ancient Evil Save HumanityThe gates of Hell have opened. The war against all things evil has begun. Gadin, Sonya, Eion, Anna, and the other Spiritual Warriors around the globe have been called to battle. Alongside their special teams, they will face unspeakable evils while trying to save what’s left of humanity and close the gates…before it’s too late. The Warriors, along with the support of some unlikely allies and the unexpected return of an old friend, must trust not only themselves and their teammates—they must put ALL of their faith in God to succeed. This “2020 Christian Indie Awards” award-winning series continues at a time when the world is in total chaos. Hope and trust are the keys to winning against wickedness unknown to any man at any time before.

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