‘Sweet September’: ‘Lovers Of Spring’ - Popular Football Player High School Crush

  • Title: ‘Sweet September’: ‘Lovers Of Spring’
  • Author: Jon’te Aycox
  • Genre: Literature, Fiction
  • Length: 84 pages
  • Publication Date: May 4, 2020

‘Sweet September’: ‘Lovers Of Spring’ – Synopsis

‘Sweet September’: ‘Lovers Of Spring’ - Fully Bloomed Mississippi Festival

Susan always enjoyed her favorite month, September, that she was nick name ‘Sweet September.’ September is a season of Autumn, Spring, Harvesting. That month, her plants and fruits, fully bloomed in her home town of Mississippi. Also doing that month, Susan is always looking forward to the Mississippi Festival. That following year in 1995, Susan is super busy getting prepared for the festival. She is growing apples in her garden, for her mom yummy apple pies, that’s very popular in her town. Also Susan been so busy with her own business, the Floral shop. A business that her and late husband Ted, built together. Ted died a few years ago, from a Heart attack and that same year, her dad Sir Walters died from cancer. Combining those deaths in the same year, Susan still hasn’t got over those deaths till this day. From being on a busy schedule, she gets a surprised unexpected visit, from a high school crush name Rob Davis. Rob Davis was the handsome popular football player that always swept girls off their feet but then he broke their hearts. He was also the prankster and jokester. Susan was the nerdy shy girl in those days, that stare at Rob Davis from a far. Susan had a secret crush on Rob Davis. Rob Davis had classes with Susan but his pranks on Susan, like the time he put a frog in her shirt, was the most embarrassment for Susan, as the whole school laughed at Susan. Years later Rob Davis comes back to Mississippi to visit friends and family. He happens to be in the area, where Susan mom Betty lives. Susan happens to be at her mom house that same day. Rob Davis comes over to Betty house unexpected. So why Is Rob Davis at Betty House? How does Susan reacts? Can this truly be a match years later? How does Susan balance everything in her schedule, along with this unexpected crush, coming back into her life? Read in a quiet peaceful place, escape with Susan on her journey to this new chapter. Enjoy, thanks for reading.

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About the Author

‘Sweet September’: ‘Lovers Of Spring’ - Secret Crush

Jon’te Aycox, Is a Artist and a upcoming Author from Las Vegas NV. He is age 40, born in Japan from a Airforce family. His dad was in the service.

Jon’te found his first passion at age nine, drawing and coloring. Over the years, he then develop his craft into painting. He have some of his Arts in a gallery and a hospital. He also created some Art pieces for some of his friends, and coworkers homes, making it into a business.

Later on in Life, writing started to become another passion. Jon’te was always day dreaming, thinking about stories that he created in his mind. He then created his own blog, on WordPress.com. That blog became a space, where Jon’te created his own Short Stories, poetry, Expressing from his soul. He then started to combined his Arts and writings together, Where on every writing post on his blog, he will add a Art piece, that is related to what ever he writes about. Some have told Jon’te, that he should put his Art in Children books. Jon’te created his first ever book, called, ‘Sweet September,’ that is now on Amazon.com. He plans on creating a few more books, that he hopes will all become a huge value, where his writings, along with his Art, will change so many people lives for the better. Helping making the world a better place and giving back through his passion.

Jon’te enjoys biking and hiking. He also loves animals and reading.

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Susan always enjoyed her favorite month, September, that she was nick name ‘Sweet September.’ September is a season of Autumn, Spring, Harvesting.

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