The Magic Of Princess Patsy - Little Dog With A Big Heart Spreading Love Everywhere

  • Title: The Magic of Princess Patsy: The Story of a Little Dog With a Big Heart
  • Author: Sharon Kusterer
  • Illustrator: Liz Mallia
  • Genre: Children’s Books, Animals, Dogs
  • Length: 28 pages
  • Publisher: Simpson Point Press
  • Publication Date: August 19, 2021

The Magic of Princess Patsy – Synopsis

The Magic Of Princess Patsy - Little Dog Big Heart Inspire Readers To Experience Love

Four people in four countries—Germany, England, United States and Malta—got together to tell this loving story, in 28 pages, about a little dog with a big heart. This book was written to help children and families deal with the impending loss of a pet.

Join Princess Patsy on her journey as she turns her heart problem into a magical adventure of joy, discovery, and healing while her heart grows bigger and she spreads love everywhere she goes.

This book and its magic may inspire readers not only to consider adopting a rescue dog, but also to know that losing those we love, whether family members, friends or pets, doesn’t mean that because they have left the physical world, they are gone forever. The most beautiful thing to discover is that they can live on in our hearts forever, and if we tune in, we can experience their love, just as we did when they were here. Knowing they never leave us can empower us to heal and embrace the loving energy we need to get through difficult times.

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Author Bio

The Magic Of Princess Patsy - Get Through Difficult Times Magical Adventure Books

I knew Patsy the Pekinese was special from the moment I met her. She was rescued under a snow-covered bush in Budapest and after two adoption interests fell through, my daughter, Jackie decided to adopt Patsy. Jackie’s veterinary studies eventually brought her back to Germany and that is where the magic of Patsy began for me. We already had two dogs, but when Patsy came to stay with us, we noticed immediately how special she was. Diagnosed with a heart problem that would get worse over time, she was intent on overcoming her condition and created joy and smiles wherever she went. While Jackie went abroad for an internship, Patsy stayed at our house and we got to know her very well. Her pointed- teeth smile, waddle walk, and outgoing personality were noticed everywhere we went. People would often stop whatever they were doing just to smile and connect with her. She loved our dogs, and enjoyed trotting alongside them during outdoor adventures. Over time Patsy’s condition has worsened, and it inspired me to get her story written. The book was intended as a surprise for my daughter, but soon I realized how Patsy could offer inspiration and connection to warm children’s hearts everywhere around the world. May it bring comfort and hope to those who are grieving from the loss of a pet or loved one, and also open a door to experiencing the true joy of owning a rescue animal.

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The Magic of Princess Patsy - Join Princess Patsy on her journey as she turns her heart problem into a magical adventure of joy, discovery,

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