The Naughty Nanny Chronicles

The Naughty Nanny Chronicles

The Naughty Nanny Chronicles - Sensual Woman Erotic Adventures

  • Title: The Naughty Nanny Chronicles: Babysitter Bisexual Threesome FFM Erotica
  • Author: JA Martin
  • Genre: Erotica, Bisexual
  • Length: 10 pages
  • Publication Date: September 28, 2019

The Naughty Nanny Chronicles: Babysitter Bisexual Threesome FFM Erotica – Synopsis

The Naughty Nanny Chronicles - Young Woman Erotic Adventures

A sensual young woman embarks on a series of erotic adventures as she discovers the secrets of her body. When her boss’s father seduces her into bed, neither expects his wife Wendy to show up. What will she do when she discovers the Naughty Nanny in bed with her husband?

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About the Author

The Naughty Nanny Chronicles - Bisexual Threesome FFM Erotic Adventures

Originally from Chicago, JA Martin moved to the wilds of South Florida in the early 90’s, settling in Broward County. Inspired by the old magazine Penthouse Forum and the stories of passionate and erotic trysts, she decided to try her hand at erotica, finding it more satisfying than crime thrillers.

That being said, sexuality is a personal thing that should never be thought of as shameful. Using fiction to depict erotic sensual stories opens the mind to fantasy, to push the boundaries, and create that sexy question “Well what if this happened?”……

Many of her stories feature risqué subjects such as spanking, cuffing, threesomes, voyeurism, exhibitionism, and some of them feature public sex and or group sex. Defining for one’s own self where the boundaries of desire lay, and where they might be pushed given the right circumstances, encompasses the true path to sexual freedom.

All of her protagonists are young women who choose their own sexual paths, wherever those paths may lead, under their own steam and testing their own boundaries of desire.

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