The Tryst Trees

The Tryst Trees: Desert Illusion series - adult romantic tale

  • Title: The Tryst Trees: Desert Illusion series Book One
    (Desert Illusion Series – Book 1)
  • Author: wolfgang black
  • Genre: Romance, Contemporary, Historical Romance
  • Length: 151 pages
  • Publisher: Trebor Nottus Publishing
  • Publication Date: June 8, 2021

The Tryst Trees: Desert Illusion series Book One – Synopsis

The Tryst Trees: Desert Illusion series - mature adult romance

★ The Tryst Trees, where the Rocking Horse comes to play ★

♥ An adult romantic tale of a young girl’s redemption ♥

• Sara loves cowboys, and they love her. And the one thing she’s absolutely sure of is that her heart will never be broken again.
• She sees a green-eyed stranger riding a funny- looking horse. He’s definitely ignoring her.
• Sara controls the desert heat. But her passion for the green-eyed stranger is becoming fierce.
• The desert can be an unforgiving place for a curious, headstrong girl.

◆ Can this stranger untangle Sara’s life?◆

Devastated by a lover’s betrayal, a brokenhearted Sara flees her home to hide her humiliation. In the desert, she finds the anonymity and independence she craves. But a life of mundane tasks and meaningless flings can be pretty empty. She wonders if anything will happen to change the deep-rooted loneliness and feelings of melancholy that seem to haunt her life.

Things begin to change when a green-eyed stranger riding an English Triumph motorcycle crosses her path. Despite their intentions, a strong emotional connection develops between them. Moving from a casual sexual encounter to a coworker to a daily companion, Robert becomes a part of her life. But all good things come to an end. Robert returns to college leaving Sara behind. Is this the end for them?

Years earlier, Robert had found a fossil on a Florida beach near his home. His half-blood Native American grandmother who has the power of “second sight” had predicted that the fossil would be the guide to his destiny. But he loses the talisman, so the resolution of his destiny is now unclear. This leaves a question hovering over his romance with Sara. Will the outcome in The Tryst Trees, be the destiny that his grandmother had predicted for Robert?

These answers are in the Desert Illusion Series of which this is Book One.

The Desert Illusions Series is work of mature adult fiction. The stories contain adult themes and descriptive sexual imagery.

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The Tryst Trees: Desert Illusion series - mature biker romance

The name wolfgang black is a pseudonym. This is necessary because he has spent most of his life being a pirate. Responding to a challenge from his lusty pirate wench (aka, Mrs. Pirate), he has begun to pursue writing as a more acceptable outlet for his adventurous instincts.

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