Psychic Protection

Psychic Protection

Psychic Protection - take your life back victims of evil attacks

  • Title: Psychic Protection: Seven Days to Empowerment
  • Author: Noah Letner
  • Genre: Religion, Spirituality, Occult, Paranormal, Supernatural
  • Length: 11 pages
  • Publication Date: September 24, 2021

Psychic Protection – Synopsis

Psychic Protection - victims of psychic negative energy

Clear, cleanse, and protect yourself and your loved ones from psychic attack. Empower yourself with this manual.

In this New Age, perhaps you have had energy attunements, cellular clearings, 24 strand dna activations, or reached reiki mastership or something similar, for what you had thought was surely a noble cause. And now you suffer, yet still think it is all for a higher good. Well, it’s time to take back your life.

We are all victims of psychic or evil attacks but unbeknownst to most is the fact that the people we know, be they friends or family are often the very source of trouble.

Jealousy, hate, and mischief are a few reasons that those you know may be attacking you. Either consciously or unconsciously, they are sending destructive, negative energy directly at you. Your loved ones may even think they are helping you in some way.

Your worst enemy could be your best friend, and your best friend could be your worst enemy.

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About The Author

Psychic Protection - new age source of trouble psychic attack

Noah Letner, nickname — The Librarian. A renaissance man and perpetual student of life, enjoying the adventure. Educated in libraries. A teacher, philosopher, writer, artist, and videographer. Having learned the art and power of storytelling, he is here to express the wildness of imagination and assist others to reach their potential. He listens to reggae music and loves to dance. His favorite writers include: Jean Giono, Shirley Jackson, Henry David Thoreau, Ray Bradbury and Jack London.

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