Ravenous Fate

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Ravenous Fate

Ravenous Fate - Fictional Poetry

  • Title: Ravenous Fate
  • Author: H.J
  • Genre: Poetry
  • Length: 25 pages
  • Publication Date: August 5, 2019

Ravenous Fate – Synopsis

Ravenous Fate - A Chance To Speak

Life isn’t always pretty. Some people say there is nothing poetic about pain – This book proves otherwise. H.J speaks of the pain with uncanny ability and outstanding accuracy, but does so without diluting its sting. Ravenous Fate pays homage to “The Reaper”, through fictional poetry, and explores the topic of sudden loss with sensuality and an unforgettable flare. Darkness has a voice; also, now, a chance to speak and be heard. This book brings hard truths to light in a very profound way.

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About the Author

Ravenous Fate - Speak And Be Heard

Multi-genre writer & many other things. 5 star ratings on Amazon and Kobo, as of 2016, from Canada.

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