Sculpting Thyself

Sculpting Thyself - Perceptions And Decisions Therapeutic Book

  • Title: Sculpting Thyself
  • Author: Mario Guerrier
  • Genre: Politics, Social Sciences, Philosophy
  • Length: 163 pages
  • Publication Date: December 15, 2020

Sculpting Thyself – Synopsis

Sculpting Thyself - Change Your Perception Of Yourself

At the base of all decisions and choices, standpoints and devotions, and the doorway to any mental therapeutic methodologies is perceptions. In short, your perceptions give way to your decisions, choices, and your standpoints, thus to who you are. Relatively, in order to change your self you must change your perceptions. But how?

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About The Author

Sculpting Thyself - Changing Your Own Perception Of Who You Are

Mario Guerrier is a lifelong writer who has always turned to the written word to express his feelings and observations. Ashes of Desire is his first novel, and he is proud to leave his legacy as a writer for his children to remember.

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