Seed of Fury: Zolia’s Revenge

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Seed of Fury: Zolia’s Revenge

Seed of Fury: Zolia's Revenge - Early Roman Empire Historical Events

  • Title: Seed of Fury: Zolia’s Revenge
  • Author: Joe Antony Sebastin
  • Genre: Historical Fantasy, Historical Fiction, Greek & Roman Myth & Legend, Romantic Fantasy
  • Length: 363 pages
  • Publication Date: May 11, 2021

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Seed of Fury: Zolia’s Revenge – Synopsis

Seed of Fury: Zolia's Revenge - The Rape of the Sabine Women in Roman Empire

Set during the founding years of the Roman Empire, Zolia’s Revenge is the story of two virginal Sabine sisters: Ronica the Revolter and Zolia the Crusader. Told by the older sister, Ronica, it is a gut-wrenching depiction of the Rape of the Sabine Women, their degradation and torture at the hands of King Romulus and the Roman men, and their eventual heroic escape.

Marked by historical events that intermingle tragedy, love, romance, and unforgettable fantasy characters, this compelling story paves the way for Christianity in a world of non-believers.

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About The Author

Can we stop abuse and rape?

Joe Antony Sebastin, author of the novel Seeds of Fury: Zolia’s Revenge, says “Yes, we can. One way is to see it through the eyes of a fictional character– a victimized but very strong character that we have learned to love.”

The book Zolia’s Revenge takes a close look at the corrupt rulers of the early Roman Empire, especially during the actual historical event known as “The Rape of the Sabine Women.”

This powerful story about the suffering of women later became one of the greatest subjects of the Renaissance. Today, Zolia’s Revenge explains what that event was really like for those who lived through it.

Seeds of Fury: Zolia’s Revenge is available now on Amazon and at

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