Servicing Serenity - Reformed Criminal

  • Title: Servicing Serenity (Grover Town Discipline Book 3)
  • Author: Yasmine Hyde
  • Genre: Romance, American Historical Romance, Action & Adventure
  • Length: 225 pages
  • Publication Date: July 17, 2020

Servicing Serenity – Synopsis

Servicing Serenity - Never Experienced Before

Can a preacher’s daughter find love with a reformed criminal?

Serenity Morgan is known in Grover Town as the devout preacher’s daughter. She teaches the children in Sunday school and spends most of her days being an assistant to her papa at church. It has been a long-standing joke among family and friends that the only way Serenity would ever get married is if a man popped out of the Good Book. Then a new arrival shows up and she begins to feel things she’s never experienced before.

Dustin “Preacher” Jonas, a transformed ruffian, is a minister in training and has come to town to study with the pastor. He was taught to believe a successful preacher needs the perfect wife by his side. When he meets Serenity, being virtuous is the last thing he thinks about. The blonde beauty tempts him to step back to his wild side. If a woman can be both humble and stubborn, then Serenity fits the bill, and warming her backside may be the only way to get her attention.

A marriage between the two of them should be made in Heaven. But, Dustin’s desire to show his wife that being bad can be just as good may have her on the run.
Publisher’s Note: This historical romance contains sexual scenes and a theme of power exchange.

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Servicing Serenity - Get Her Attention

USA Today Bestselling Author Yasmine Hyde. I crave writing for readers in the mood for a little bit of naughtiness in the late 19th Century of Mid-Western America. So, join me on this journey of writing stories my muse SHE creates and I obey by tapping away at my laptop keys. I want to bring readers stories that they will love, I hope, as must as I enjoyed writing. Let’s dive in, naughty ones!

As a USA Today Bestseller, I’m ready for the next road my writing will take me. So, naughty ones, take the journey with me…I dare you.

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Servicing Serenity: Serenity Morgan is known in Grover Town as the devout preacher's daughter. She teaches the children in Sunday school and spends most of

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