Sex &Amp; Drugs &Amp; Rock &Amp; Roll And Nursing - Male Nurse Opportunities For Mischief

  • Title: Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll and Nursing
  • Author: Raymond Moore
  • Genre: Literature & Fiction, Coming of Age
  • Length: 507 pages
  • Publication Date: August 4, 2022

Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll and Nursing – Synopsis

Sex &Amp; Drugs &Amp; Rock &Amp; Roll And Nursing - I Took Drugs Registered Nurse

I know that when you read about what I got up to you’ll probably think I got what I deserved. You’re right – I totally agree. Many of you will dislike me, no doubt, and that’s ok – I understand, I really do. I’m not all bad, though.

I left the Isle of Skye in the early eighties to start my nursing course in Edinburgh and it’s fair to say I embraced the Capitals temptations with arms wide open. When I moved into a shared flat I met Bill, a musician and got involved with his band Low Down – you know, helping them out, doing a bit of driving and humping gear.. It was great fun. Low Down were truly phenomenal. Man, I totally loved their music.

We took drugs, I mean, I took drugs. Nothing heavy like, just recreational and I met a fair number of lassies who I treated pretty badly. I’m not proud of my behaviour, I’m not.. Look, nursing’s a female dominated profession and male nurses were thin on the ground – the opportunities for getting up to mischief were many and though I knew it was wrong, It didn’t stop me. I worked hard and played harder.

A lot of stuff I regret now. Especially what I did to Lisa – and others. Anyway it couldn’t last, could it? The way I was living – something had to give. And it did.

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Author Bio

Sex &Amp; Drugs &Amp; Rock &Amp; Roll And Nursing - I Got What I Deserved

Raymond Moore is a Registered Nurse, living and working in Saudi Arabia with his wife and three children. He also has a house and farm in Thailand. As well as being a writer, Raymond has been a record label owner, band manager, and singer with a band. Born and brought up in Glasgow, he left his parents and moved to the Isle of Skye as a youngster, and his life changed forever.

Raymond is the author of the Skye Stories Trilogy available on Redshank Books and has self published Poetry? Probably a collection of poems from Glasgow and Edinburgh.

He is currently finishing his first novel Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll and Nursing set in 1980s Edinburgh. For release in 2022.

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