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12 Hours of Daylight

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  • Title: 12 Hours of Daylight: A Jason Jules Novella
  • Author: Tameka Mullins
  • Genre: Multicultural, Romantic, Erotica
  • Length: 120 pages
  • Publication Date: January 3, 2017

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12 Hours of Daylight – A Jason Jules Novella


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12 HOURS OF DAYLIGHT: A JASON JULES NOVELLA, is a story about the life of Jason Jules, a porn star dad with a heart of gold and some major family baggage.

He pops like nobody’s business…

Jason’s got it all: beautiful women, fast cars and piles of cash. With a job that literally keeps him up all night, this Channing Tatum lookalike is living the X-rated Hollywood dream. Any twenty-two-year-old guy would jump at the chance to star in Jason’s life…except Jason.

…when he’s not playing Pops in real life.

All in one night, Jason became a father and lost the love of his life. Vickie, his chocolate princess, isn’t looking down from heaven with pride, though. What started as an unconventional way to pay the bills has devolved into an obsession and an escape from crippling guilt.

Raising twins alone is a full-time job, but with no other options, Jason doesn’t have a lot of time to look for a way out. Yet it all comes crashing down one night when the sometimes dangerous, addictive world of porn collides with the pressures of fatherhood. As Jason’s dreams spin out of control, he’ll have to make some changes in his life or risk losing everything he’s already sold his body to hold onto.

Filled with steamy sex, intense drama and the dilemmas of a doting dad, 12 Hours of Daylight: A Jason Jules Novella is the literary fusion of Boogie Nights, Mr. Mom and Family Business.

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About the Author

Tameka Mullins

Tameka Mullins is a Detroit, Michigan native, poet, blogger and digital marketer who loves pop culture and traveling to exotic locations. Her writing has been highlighted on NPR and in countless women’s periodicals and e-publications. She’s worked at The Girl Scouts of the USA, WCBS Radio and Newsweek. Her short story, ‘Empty Lens’ is also being featured in the ‘Welcome Home’ YA anthology that is set for publication in September 2017. She currently lives in New York City.

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