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  • Title: 2019 Vintage Baseball Planner
  • Author: Jack Baiesi
  • Genre: Sports, Planner
  • Length: 123 pages
  • Publication Date: January 7, 2019

2019 Vintage Baseball Planner – Synopsis

2019 Planner Vintage Baseball

A 2019 planner with vintage baseball player photos.

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About the Author

Author Jack Baiesi

Jack Baiesi is a retired physicist and is the author of many scientific papers published in international reviews.
After many years spent in formulating mathematical models describing the physical world, at present he dedicates part of his time in creating non-fiction books: word search puzzle, sudoku and coloring books, planners and journals.

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2019 Vintage Baseball Planner ▷📚 WritersPayItForward
2019 Vintage Baseball Planner Banner

A 2019 planner with vintage baseball player photos.

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