A Christmas Tale to Chill Your Heart

A Christmas Tale Amazon

  • Title: A Christmas Tale to Chill Your Heart: and other short dark fiction tales
  • Author: Matthew C. Woodruff
  • Genre: Horror, Occult, Holidays, Fiction
  • Length: 30 pages
  • Publication Date: September 11, 2018

A Christmas Tale to Chill Your Heart – Synopsis

A Christmas Tale Amazon

These tales explore Joy, Fear, Love, Loss, Foreboding and Incomprehension. All set around particular holidays, the characters in these stories experience things we can only imagine. They will make the reader stop to wonder if we ever really know those closest to us, or even the world around us.

Meshelle has always been cursed with forebodings of destiny but now they take a chilling and deadly turn…

Andy returned home after a New Years Eve party but woke up somewhere else, or did he even wake up?

Valentines Day was always special to Maria and her daughter Amy. Now one year after Amy’s death a handsome stranger brings them back together.

Easter was celebrated long before Christianity. Now two mothers separated by thousands of years in time are connected by their daughter’s twin fates.

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About the Author

Author Matthew C. Woodruff

Matthew was born and raised in Upstate NY surrounded by books. Now on staff at the University of Florida, his love of books has never waned. An award-winning writer and editor, his works have been described as ‘Genius’ and ‘Spectacular’. Matthew is thrilled to share his Dark Humor/Dark Fiction books with you.

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