A Life in the Age of Pompeii

A Life in the Age of Pompeii

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  • Title: A Life in the Age of Pompeii
  • Author: Charline Ratcliff
  • Genre: Romance, Historical Fiction
  • Length: 317 pages
  • Publication Date: August 23, 2018

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A Life in the Age of Pompeii, Book Trailer
A Life in the Age of Pompeii, Book Trailer

A Life in the Age of Pompeii – Synopsis

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Much of the world is aware of the tragedy that befell Pompeii in 79 AD. An eyewitness report details the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in letters from Pliny the Younger to the historian Tacitus. Even with this recounting set to paper, Pompeii faded out of history to become little more than myth.

In the late 16th century, Pompeii’s ruins, and those of her sister city, Herculaneum, were discovered by architect Domenico Fontana. Pompeii finally reappeared as more than mere legend. The horror of seeing her citizens frozen in time, struggling against their demise, has shocked and amazed the world ever since.

Years have passed and some of us are lucky enough to be able walk within the city’s walls to uncover her history. The surrounding region, which holds Pompeii firmly in its embrace, is still volatile. Vesuvius slumbers, looking peaceful, yet anyone who ever has walked Pompeii’s streets understands the devastation that will rain down should it awaken again.

This past year has been quiet. However, several weeks ago, Pompeii experienced a severe quake. Afterward, my fellow archaeologists and I were surprised to find that the only damage was centered in a remote section of the city’s northwestern region. We discovered a new chasm and entered a large, heretofore unknown, subterranean chamber. Detailed exploration suggested that we were in a storeroom belonging to an affluent city councilman. This hypothesis was later supported when we discovered the remains of a young woman along with a written account of her life.

There is some eeriness in the finding of this chamber. The superstitious among us wonder if the woman’s spirit remained trapped within this cavern until it finally managed to break free, causing the quake to pinpoint this location.

However it happened, wherever she is now; this is her story. Will you listen?

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About the Author

Author Charline Ratcliff

Mine is not your typical life’s story. Growing up, my family life, schooling, and lifestyle were anything but conventional, average or predictable. Being tenacious, an avid reader and hard-working allowed me to prevail against the pitfalls of my unusual upbringing.

As a child, my time spent alone in the outdoors brought about a love of photography; for with the camera I can capture countless wonders that encapsulate nature, land, and wild life. These frozen moments in time do evoke joy and other wonderful responses from viewers of my work.

Having a personality that craves to see the world, at one point I found myself in Maui. This led to the creation of Island Scents by Charline, an addition to my all-natural soy candle company and also the launch of my sea glass jewelry designs.

It wasn’t until my late twenties that the writing muse found me and thus has begun an extraordinary voyage of self-discovery. I began writing novels, blog posts, book reviews, provided author interviews, and even started mentoring other writers.

Having finished the writing of my most recent Historical Fiction, “A Life in the Age of Pompeii,” I am about to embark on the writing of my next historical novel, “The Queen’s Lost Daughter.”

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