A Most Trustworthy Man

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A Most Trustworthy Man

A Most Trustworthy Man - Missing Family Lies Discovered

  • Title: A Most Trustworthy Man (Detective Sinclair, Masood and Miller series.
    A Most Trustworthy Man part 1)
  • Author: John Lea
  • Genre: Thrillers, Suspense, Crime, Fiction
  • Length: 159 pages
  • Publication Date: December 2, 2020

A Most Trustworthy Man – Synopsis

A Most Trustworthy Man - All Lies Lead To The Truth

Professor Michael John Campbell arrived home from the university. As he entered the family home everything looked as it always did, except his wife and daughters were gone.

Ten years later Detective Inspector Emma Sinclair is asked to review the case and find out what really happened. She is torn between her friendship with John Morris the lead detective in the original investigation and the evidence she uncovers. Along with her team they discover lies that were told and evidence that shouldn’t have been missed.

Can Emma lead her team to discover the fate of the professor’s family or will he lead them to the truth.

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About The Author

Martin Stephens is an independent author who writes under the pseudonym of Stephens Charles and John Lea. Stephen Charles’s book Different kinds of love is the first of the Martin family series, the second will be available in spring 2020. John Lea’s A Most Trustworthy man is a crime thriller and the first of the Detectives Sinclair, Masood, and Miller series.

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