All Barefoot

All Barefoot: The Most Kept Secret The Only Man She Ever Loved

  • Title: All Barefoot (Chains of Alice Book 1)
  • Author: A Chains
  • Genre: Romance, Erotica, Fiction
  • Length: 208 pages
  • Publication Date: November 2, 2018

All Barefoot (Chains of Alice Book 1) – Synopsis

All Barefoot: Dreams Come True Wishes She Loved Only One Man

Imagine you could make all your dreams come true. For the price of destroying everything that you already have.

Alice and Tom were married on September 11, 2001. The day the Towers collapsed and shattered, was the day Alice consciously buried and cemented her past for good, sealing all her secrets. When she turns 40, after raising three loved children and achieving her dream job as a Project Manager at a well-established firm, her secrets begin to resurface. She finds herself unsatisfied and disappointed with the path she took, wondering if this is all that life has to offer her. When questions are asked, the universe provides the most unexpected answers.

When Alice is least prepared for it, her darkest secret tramples into the conference room in the image of Ethan, the prestige CEO – her long lost and unforgotten lover who rattled and conquered her world when she was 20 years old but who also crashed her soul when he disappeared.

Ethan is the only man whose wildness drove her over the cliffs of humanity again and again. The only man she truly ever loved. Ethan was always her first choice, even 20 years after he was gone. She will soon find out that life is so much more than what she ever imagined. It’s what she always dreamt of.

Would she risk it all for true love and breathtaking passion?

Would she risk it all knowing that it might also reveal the one most kept secret in her life, a secret that Tom buried the day Ethan disappeared?

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About the Author

Author A Chains

I write Romance Novels, Short Stories, and Poetry, and enjoy reading others just as much. If I could talk and write my way through life, I’d be the happiest person alive.

ALL BAREFOOT is my first Erotic Romance, published in November 2018. The second book in the series – ALL DRESSED UP AND READY TO RUN will be released in the beginning of 2019.

Why Alice Chains?
Some things better left unspoken, like my real name.
There’s a reason I chose Alice and let her have the fame.
Alice is me and I am Alice,
No one can do us part.
She came from my soul, from my pain, from my heart.
She formed in my dreams and came to life in my words
Alice is me
My best and worst.

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