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  • Title: An Encounter with Yeshua
  • Author: Isabelle Esling
  • Genre: Religious, Spiritual, Inspirational
  • Format: Paperback, e-book
  • Length: 301 pages
  • Cover Designer: Donna Kshir
  • Illustrator: Donna Kshir
  • Publisher: Northern Books
  • Publication Date: June 19, 2015

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An Encounter With Yeshua

When Isabelle Esling met Yeshua, He tremendously changed her life. Here is her story of the life-changing encounter. “Yeshua is a very special person. In fact, there is nobody like Him. Yeshua’s heart loves unconditionally. He doesn’t care about your background or the mistakes you are making. He is not here to accuse you. Yeshua is love and forgiveness. In short, Yeshua is endless love.


When Yeshua met me, He tremendously changed my life. Here is the story of a life-changing encounter. I am giving all the glory to our precious Lord and Savior. May you be blessed in abundance. Category: Docs MCN: CAZWD-P10RQ-SWTYF © copyright 2015-02-15 08:49:52 – All Rights Reserved by Isabelle Esling   It is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN to use any content of this book or to translate it in any other language without the approval of the author. The original content of this book is subject to copyright.   An encounter with Yeshua Foreword Yeshua is a very special person. In fact, there is nobody like Him. Yeshua’s heart loves unconditionally. He doesn’t care about your background or the mistakes you are making. He is not here to accuse you. Yeshua is love and forgiveness. In short, Yeshua is endless love. You might ask: if what you mentioned above is true, why can’t I feel His love? Why can’t I see His presence in my life? It is because, at the moment, your heart is locked and your eyes are blind. The good news is that He has the power to unlock your heart and to make you recover your sight. For many years, I have been searching for Him in churches and synagogues. I looked up everywhere, trying to find a sign of His presence. Sadly I didn’t find any. I was deceived by human communities claiming to serve Him. One day, He searched for me and found me. All of a sudden, He was there. He showed me that He really cared. I invited Him to take residence into my heart where He is staying now-permanently. How is it possible for Him to approach you? Contrary to many people, I am not going to tell you to read your Bible, for I have read it for years (also in Hebrew), without anything special happening in my life. I am not going to tell you to go to church either. We are not talking about theoretical teachings here; we are talking about meeting a real person, like you would meet any of your friends. Don’t misunderstand me: the Bible is great and full of wise teachings for your entire life, but if you want to meet Yeshua, you should address to Him directly-as a person, not as some “virtual stranger that walked the face of the earth two thousand years ago, somewhere in Galilee”, but as to somebody who is alive, here with you, listening to you right now. I know, it requires a great dose of courage and faith to address to somebody you can’t see and who supposedly resurrected from the dead two thousand years ago. It requires an effort, but it is definitely worth it. Also note that Yeshua has different ways of revealing Himself to people. Just trust Him, for He is the Truth. He cannot and will not deceive you in any way. So how should you proceed? Address to Him sincerely, in your own words. Ask Him for a sign. Wait for His response. Trust that He will give you an answer. It is all up to you to invite Him into your life or to reject Him. He will never ever force you-because He truly loves you. May you be touched and blessed by the following story through His Holy Spirit. May your life be filled with love from Above, in the powerful Name of Yeshua. CHAPTER 1: THE REBIRTH Just before They had tried me without a trial; they had already condemned me before I had been judged. Their sentence was ready before I could even open my mouth and defend myself. I was getting closer to true human nature. I had done my best. I was exhausted, mentally and physically. I was longing for new horizons. The pain was immense. Damage had been done. I needed restoration like never before. During one second, I had identified myself with the Suffering Messiah, and then I completely forgot about it. The fatigue was taking over. I was longing for rest, yet they were harassing me till the end. I had set big hopes on something that had shown deceitful to me. I was in the process of learning a new life lesson. First, I had to learn how to take care of my body again. Second, I had to strengthen my mind, once again, because it had been attacked tremendously. Meeting Yeshua N.B: The “Face” in the first chapter, refers to the Face of the Shroud I didn’t expect to meet you. My mind was kilometers away from you. I was surfing on the internet. You showed up in some way. As I glanced at your Face, tears started running from my eyes, abundantly, like clear water. I think I wept for hours, just staring at your Face. Strangely, as I wept there was no pain inside of my heart. My tears started clearing up and cleaning my soul. A powerful work of redemption was happening right now. You didn’t say anything. You were listening to my words with a sustained attention. As I stopped weeping, all my surroundings became very calm. I looked at my face in the mirror. It reflected peace. My eyes weren’t red at all, nor did they hurt. I realized that you had just consoled me. Within a few hours, you have wiped away burdens of shame and humiliation that kept me enslaved for numerous years. Things that I had kept buried deep inside resurfaced, but only to be destroyed by the burning fire of your Spirit. I was experiencing a day of mercy. You touched my soul. The day after you took me to another silent place outside where I rested for a while. I kept silent. Unexpectedly, you started speaking to me. People had always spoken about you in my childhood. Quantities of images and stories had been displayed to me. I had always searched for you. I had a precise idea about the type of person you should be. As you started speaking to me, I realized I was totally wrong. I didn’t know you at all. You were so different from all I could imagine. Your beautiful, manly voice was a combination of authority and tenderness. I was so amazed to hear you, Yeshua. Or was I only imagining all this? I could not ignore the way you spoke to me, because your voice was taking the entire place in my mind. I simply could not ignore it. You came with a precise request to me: would I accept you as my personal Savior? Your question left only two options to me: yes or no-there was no place for a comfortable “in between”. I also knew I had to be ready to bear the consequences of my choice. It wasn’t that easy to handle your request actually. I knew, deep inside my heart, that I loved you. But did I love you enough? Was I ready? What prevented me from saying yes? I exposed you my fears. I told you that I was afraid of what you could ask me in return. It was so silent all around. Would you answer me, Yeshua? When I heard your answer, I was moved to tears. You were not asking me for anything in return, you only wanted me to invite you into my life. Without further hesitation I said yes. I left the bank I was sitting on. As I started walking, I felt your hand holding mine. You were so real, so concrete I simply could not omit you. I held your hand tightly, like a small child. I realized that I had been missing you all my life. I realized that I had just been saved. You were here, and you loved me tremendously, challenging the frontiers of my imagination.

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Isabelle Esling

Isabelle Esling has spent the last decade as a music journalist. She has interviewed some of the best talent in the music business, including Proof of D12. In 2012, Isabelle released her first book, EMINEM and the Detroit Rap Scene: White Kid in a Black Music World; instantly becoming a National Bestseller. Today, Isabelle is pursuing a new path. Her aim is to help others develop a conscience of the momentum and to enjoy life to the fullest, as she shares her own personal experiences, meditation and visualization techniques that has impacted her own life. Isabelle’s exploration of mind and body allows the reader to reach inner stillness, peacefulness and a joyful outlook on life. Her books are remarkable and helpful tools for anyone with an open mind for change. The author’s 9th opus is entitled ” An Encounter with Yeshua”. Available on Amazon kindle and Lulu, in both e-book and paperback format, the non-fictional work depicts the author’s amazing encounter with Yeshua our Messiah (Jesus of Nazareth). This is her true testimony to the world that our Lord is alive.

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An Encounter with Yeshua ▷📚 WritersPayItForward
An Encounter With Yeshua

When Isabelle Esling met Yeshua, He tremendously changed her life. Here is her story of the life-changing encounter. “Yeshua is a very special person. In fact, there is nobody like Him.

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